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Explode fruity cubes in an excellent puzzle game

Try a taste of the tropical in Juice Cubes; an enjoyable addition to the puzzle genre.

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  • Fun and addictive
  • Pleasant and relaxing music
  • Simple controls


  • Doesn't bring much new to the genre


Try a taste of the tropical in Juice Cubes; an enjoyable addition to the puzzle genre.

Puzzling tropical fruits

Juice Cubes is a tropical-themed puzzle game in the mold of Bejeweled Blitz or Candy Crush. The point of the game is to complete a challenge for each level which is usually done by connecting fruity cubes which destroys them. You also move along an island-filled map to different levels and meet a few different characters, but it doesn't seem to have much bearing on gameplay.  As you progress to later levels you'll need to either purchase gold bars or invite friends to continue.

The game also allows and encourages Facebook integration so you'll be able to challenge your friends.

Juice Cubes is exceptionally well-designed and was produced by Rovio Ltd., which is a division of the company most famous for the ultra-popular Angry Birds series.

How to play

Juice Cubes is played by eliminating cubes by connecting a minimum of three in a row. Juice Cubes offers different gameplay in later levels such as destroying specific tiles, arranging cubes so that items "fall off" the screen, and timed challenges. If you've played other puzzle games, you'll have no problems diving into Juice Cubes.

How it looks

The graphics aren't outstanding in Juice Cubes, but they're also not distractingly bad. Where Juice Cubes underwhelms in graphics, it more than shines with its soundtrack that adds to the tropical ambiance. The music consists of a ukelele overlapped by a man humming which may seem strange, but it sounds surprisingly relaxing when playing. 

The Verdict

Both casual and serious puzzle gamers will love the addictive Juice Cubes.

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